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Nonfiction Magazines for Young Readers

“great writer…excellent articles,” Elizabeth Carpentiere, FACES Magazine

Next?” (on cooperative work between tribes-people in Cameroon and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health). FACES, March 2007 © Carus Publishing Company (“Time for a Checkup,” Volume 23, Number 7)

Knock Knock” (on the philosophy of identity). ODYSSEY, October 2007 © Carus Publishing Company (“Tagged: Identity Theft,” Volume 16, Number 7)

Trials and Terrors” (on an archeological experiment in Bolivia). DIG, October 2007 © Carus Publishing Company (“A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist,” Volume 9, Number 8). DIG also bought my photographs for this article.

Projection Maps” (on how projection maps are designed). CALLIOPE, November 2007 © Carus Publishing Company (“Where in the World,” Volume 18, Number 3)

The Mother City” (on Caral, a site in Peru of what might be the first city in the Americas). DIG, November/December 2007 © Carus Publishing Company (“America’s First Cities,” Volume 9, Number 9)

Calling the Constitution’s Bluff” (on problems with the U.S. Constitution) with Sanford Levinson. COBBLESTONE, December 2007 © Carus Publishing Company (“Our Constitution: The Road to a More Perfect Union,” Volume 28, Number 9)

Vida Portuguesa em Massachusetts” (on Portuguese culture in Massachusetts). FACES, January 2008 © Carus Publishing Company (“Portugal: Exploring a New World,” Volume 24, Number 5)

Map That Myth” (on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey). APPLESEEDS, March 2008 © Carus Publishing Company (“What a Story!” Volume 10, Number 7)

The Capital of Irish America” (on Irish culture in Boston). FACES, March 2008 © Carus Publishing Company (“Ireland’s Fresh Face,” Volume 24, Number 7)

We Shall Overcome” (on music in the civil rights period) and “A Peaceful Force” (on Mahatma Gandhi). COBBLESTONE, April 2008 © Carus Publishing Company (“Get on the Bus!” Volume 29, Number 4)

The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Awful” (on judging worldwide websites). APPLESEEDS, April 2008 © Carus Publishing Company (“Ins and Outs of the Internet,” Volume 10, Number 8).

Lauterbrunnen: Valley of Waterfalls and Lace” (on Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland). FACES, October 2008 © Carus Publishing Company (“Switzerland: The World Takes Note,” Volume 25, Number 2)

Glass Houses and Other ‘Impossible Structures” (on glass buildings). ODYSSEY, December 2008 © Carus Publishing Company (“Glass Works,” Volume 17, Number 9). ODYSSEY also bought my photographs for this article.

Mark Twain’s New-fangled Machines” (on Mark Twain’s interest in technology). COBBLESTONE, June 2009 © Carus Publishing Company (“Twain’s World,” Volume 30, Number 5)

Moko!” (on Maori tattoos). DIG, July/August 2009 © Carus Publishing Company (“Tattoos: Marks with Meaning,” Volume 11, Number 6)

The Anne Frank House” (for an issue on The Netherlands). FACES, September 2009 © Carus Publishing Company (“The Netherlands,” Volume 26, Number 1)

Make More Noise” (for an issue on peacekeeping). FACES, November/December 2010 © Carus Publishing Company (“Peace: Making Our World a Better Place,” Volume 27, Number 3)

Now What?” (on government responses to pandemics). COBBLESTONE, September 2010 © Carus Publishing Company (“Deadly Diseases,” Volume 31, Number 7)

“William Kamkwamba’s Electric Wind” (on a boy who brought electricity to his village in Malawi). FACES, October 2011 © Carus Publishing Company (“31 Kids Doing Amazing Things,” Volume 28, Number 2)

“The Emerald Necklace” (on Frederick Law Olmsted’s chain of parks in Boston) and “Fairsted” (on his home). COBBLESTONE, July/August 2012 © Carus Publishing Company (“Keeping It Green: Frederick Law Olmsted,” Volume 33, Number 6)

“Oh, Freedom!” (on music at the March on Washington). COBBLESTONE, February 2013 © Carus Publishing Company (“March on Washington,” Volume 34, Number 2)

“Why the Children of Birmingham Marched” (Author and Guest Editor for an issue on the 1963 Children’s March). APPLESEEDS, October 2013 © Carus Publishing Company (“Kids Fight for Civil Rights,”)

Short Fiction for Young Readers

“Belonging.” THE MAILBOX

“The Translators from Form III.” SKIPPING STONES

“On the Doorposts of Ellie’s House.” HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN