Watch Out for Flying Kids!

How Two Circuses, Two Countries, and Nine Kids Confront Conflict and Build Community


A portion of proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to the Reggie Moore Memorial Scholarship* of Circus Harmony and to the Galilee Circus. Order through Indiebound or Barnes & Noble or Amazon


**Repairing the world through circus**

From the Prologue:

Circus is “a compulsion to like to do crazy things, to push the boundaries of what is humanly possible.” Laura Ricci

Circus is a big tent. That doesn’t mean that circuses always perform in tents. But wherever circuses perform, they encompass worlds:

~ a world of tricks, from pratfalls to flying

~ a world of feelings, from fun to fear and back again

~ a world of troupers from around the globe

~ a world so thoroughly entrancing that circus creates its own universe.

Watch Out for Flying Kids spotlights a little-known corner of this universe: youth social circus.

Can you imagine juggling knives—while balancing on a rolling globe? How about catching someone who is flying toward you after springing off a mini-trampoline? And what about planning these tricks with kids who speak different languages? Welcome to the world of youth “social circus“—a movement that uses circus arts to promote social change

A nonfiction book for 10- to 14-year-olds, Watch Out for Flying Kids! follows nine teenage troupers in two circuses. The members of Circus Harmony in St. Louis are inner-city and suburban kids. The Galilee Circus in Israel is composed of Jews and Arabs. When they get together, they confront racism in the Midwest and tribalism in the Middle East, as they learn to overcome assumptions, animosity, and obstacles, that are physical, personal and political. Join them as they cheer each other with a ta da! and a sababa!


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Why children need circus

Dr. Reg Bolton, who created the “United Nations of Social Circus,” wrote,

Children must dream. In the Circus, they live their dreams.

Children must also take risks. That is what childhood is for. That’s how you learn.

Children need to touch people. They need to be able to physically trust themselves and other people.

Children must also show off. Children should be seen and heard. Through performance, they learn to show off appropriately. They will be noticed. They will be applauded.

The child who successfully passes through all of these things–Dreams, Risk, Trust, and Showing Off–as a child has a better chance to emerge as a normal teenager and a productive, loving adult.

Reggie teaching me to juggle *Reggie trying valiantly to teach me to juggle. (Note: only two balls.)

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**”Tikkun olam” means “repair the world” in Hebrew.

And now available in Japanese! Here I am with my publisher and translators in Toky0.