About Me

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As a writer and presenter, I

My nonfiction articles have been published in some of the most respected children’s magazines, including APPLESEEDSCALLIOPE, COBBLESTONEDIGFACES, and ODYSSEY.

Although I specialize in writing nonfiction, my short fiction has also been accepted by acclaimed children’s magazines and readers, including HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN, SKIPPING STONES, and THE MAILBOX. My picture book manuscript, “Mr. Bellow Lost His Cello,” won Byline Magazine’s national picture book competition; since it is not yet published, however, Mr. Bellow is still searching for his cello.

Happily, I am represented by the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. And, I’ve blogged at EMU’s Debuts. I support Pat Mora’s bilingual effort El Día de los jovenes/El día de los libros, We Need Diverse Books, and First Book.

If “curiosity killed the cat,” I’d have been a goner a long time ago (if I were a cat, which would be hard, because then I’d be allergic to myself).

Curiosity is what’s led me to:

  • Travel on six continents and live on three—can you figure out where I am in the photos below?
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Those are the things I love to do—in addition to gardening, yoga, swimming, and volunteering…

Here’s who I love being:

  • Wife of a professor (who reads law journals while I relish Giverny)
  • Mom of two thoroughly splendid daughters and mom-in-law of their sweet spice (Why “thoroughly splendid?” Hint: check the Acknowledgments of every book by everyone in our family.)
  • Gramma of three granddaughters and one grandson (who prefer, in this age of uncertain privacy, to remain anonymous)
  • Sister, aunt, cousin, niece…
  • Friend (but please don’t tell my friends that sometimes I’d rather write than meet them for lunch)
  • Austinite in the winter, spring, and summer and Bostonian in the fall  (two critique groups, one in each home, which is perfect!)
  • Writer for kids

EMLA-logoHappily, I am represented by Erin Murphy of Erin Murphy Literary Agency.

I’ve blogged at: EMU’s Debuts.

To learn more about me and how I write, check out bloggers who have conducted interviews with me.